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Schedule of Presentations

09.00 am Breakfast (Outside LSB 105; Breed Lecture Hall)

09.15 am Introduction and Welcome
PROF. ROBERT DOYLE; Syracuse University

09.30 am Alumni Presentation:
 ELIZABETH DEMPSEY ‘09; PhD Candidate - University of Pennsylvania

10.15 am Alaine Gigon
"Modification of Calmodulin EF Hands for Rare Earth Metal Selectivity"

10.45 am Yongna Lei
"ALS-linked mutations modulate Ubiquilin-2 Liquid-liquid phase separation"

11.15 am Break

11.30 am Laurel White
"Diamonds in the Rough: Characterizing the Effect of Noise Transients on Gravitational-Wave Data"

12.00 pm Christos Costeas
"NMR-guided approach to evolution of myoglobin protein"

12.30 pm Lunch

1.15 pm Nori Zaccheo
"Alteration of the Optical Properties of Manganese Doped Nanocrystals by UV Light"

1.45 pm Hannah Ketchum
"New Molecular Recognition Polymers for Protein detecting in Piezoelectric Sensors"

2.15 pm Christina Deschene
"In-Situ Monitoring of Halide Exchange in Perovskite Nanoparticles Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and 2D NMR Spectroscopy"

2.45 pm Melissa Navarro
"Defining the chemical determinants for ghrelin binding by ghrelin O-acyltransferase"

3.15 pm Break – Panel will meet to discuss Prize winners

3.30 pm Graduate Alumni Presentation
Dr. Susan Clardy G'12

4.30 pm Announcement of two Meredith Scholars Awardees
(2 x Best Speakers- $2500 each).