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Allison Roberts '14

“Chemoproteomics-enabled covalent ligand discovery against druggable hotspots for cancer therapy”

I graduated from Syracuse University in 2014 with a B.S. in Biochemistry. While at Syracuse, I performed research in the lab of Professor Robert Doyle studying methods to modify vitamin B12 for diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. I was honored to be a Remembrance Scholar, an iLearn Scholar, a Judith-Seinfeld Distinguished Fellow and a member of the Renee Crowne Honors Society. After my time at Syracuse, I spent a year working as a post-baccalaureate fellow in the lab of Dr. Jordan Meier at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, MD.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley in the lab of Dr. Daniel Nomura. Specifically, I am utilizing chemical genetics and chemoproteomic profiling technology to identify novel anti-cancer covalent ligands and targets. My goal is to utilize my graduate training to obtain a tenure-track position, where I can perform research focused on identifying novel anti-cancer agents, as well as discovering novel therapeutic targets in cancer.

Headshot of Allison Roberts